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Without our wonderful volunteers, the revival of The Midway wouldn’t have been possible.  And today, our volunteers are vital to the operations of our theater.  Since our theater is volunteer based, we need as many helping hands as possible.  We promise we won’t work you too hard!  Some of the volunteer tasks include selling movie tickets, making and selling concessions and cleaning up after the show.  You can sign up individually or sign up as a group to promote goodwill for your business or organization.  Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and it's fun!  And the best part is you will be rewarded with a free movie voucher to the showing of your choice.  Who doesn’t like FREE movies?!  Contact us today to volunteer at The Midway!

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A volunteer is like a rare gem. When placed in the right setting and cared for, they will shine and give pleasure to all who see them.


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