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A Theater for All to Enjoy

The Midway Theater & Cultural Event Center is proud to be more than just a theater.  Though our primary business and favorite gig is showing movies, the Theater provides an excellent location for special events.  If you are hosting a corporate meeting, organizing a birthday party, planning a seminar or if you are looking for a unique wedding venue, the Midway Theater & Cultural Event Center is sure to impress.  You can choose from one of our rental packages or rental fees can be chosen a la carte to custom fit your event.

Rentals: Welcome

Showtime Package

Do you want to be the director of the show and call the shots?  This package allows you to pick the movie that you wish to see on the big screen.  This package requires a movie licensing fee & a projectionist fee along with the standard rental fees.  Concessions can be purchased individually or paid on one ticket at the end of the event.


Premiere Package

Do you want to see the movie that is currently playing at The Midway, but you don't want to see it with a bunch of strangers?  This package allows a private viewing of the movie currently playing at the Midway.  This option doesn't require a movie licensing fee, however, standard admission price and a projectionist fee will will be collected on top of the standard rental fees.  Concessions can be purchased individually or paid on one ticket at the end of the  event.  This package is great for birthday parties!


Midway Rental Fees

Theater Rental w/Concessions $75

Theater Rental $150

Movie Licensing Fee  $300

Cleaning Fee  $50

Projectionist Fee  $25

Stage Lights $25

Rentals more than 3 hours:

Theater Rental  $250

Projectionist Fee $50

Stage Lights  $50

Rentals: Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Rentals: FAQ

What is a movie licensing fee?

A movie licensing fee is the amount due to the studio itself so that we have the rights to show that particular movie. The fee can run from $200-$350, depending on the studio and the movie chosen (if the movie is available to be licensed).

Can we have food catered in?

Yes. If you would like a list of catering services in the Burlington area, we’d be happy to assist you.  Please keep in mind that you are responsible for any damages or messes made by the caterer for your event.

During rentals, do you allow modifications to the theater space?

No permanent or damaging modifications may be made to the theater. This includes the use of nails, tape or staples to hang objects. Any damages to The Midway Theater that require repair or extra cleanup will be charged to you after your event. We ask that the theater space be left in the condition it was found at the beginning of the rental.

How many people will The Midway seat?

Our theater has 183 seats, along with 4 handicap seating areas.

Can we have alcohol served at our event?

Yes. Alcohol is allowed at private events only.  Renter must obtain a one million dollar liability insurance policy that covers the facility and surrounding areas.  Renter must monitor all alcohol served to ensure it does not go outside of the facility or served to persons under the age of 21.  If alcohol is sold, renter must obtain a license from the local licensing authority and the State of Colorado.

Can we have the concession stand open at our event?

Yes, concessions are available at our regular prices and can be paid for by cash or tab (billed to the organization after the event). Please notify us at least two weeks prior to your event (or indicate on your contract) that you will need the concession stand open so we can arrange for volunteers. If you would like to coordinate your own volunteers, please notify us before the event so that we can make arrangements for their training.

Am I responsible for cleaning up after my event rental?

You are required to leave the rental space in the condition that it was found. This should be accomplished within the time frame window of your rental time. If you need help finding volunteers to assist with timely cleaning of the theatre, please notify us at least two weeks in advance so that we can make volunteer arrangements to assist with your cleaning.

Can I hook up my computer to show a presentation on the movie screen?

Yes.  Our theater is wired to allow this.  Please notify us of needing this service when booking your rental.

Do you have spare tables or chairs available?

Yes. We have two 8ft tables and 16 folding chairs available upon request.

Do you have a microphone available?

Yes. We have two microphones available upon request.

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